Training with scales, accompaniment, improvisation and phrasing. The CHORDS area provides samples of all typically used chords. See the instructions in the download area.

Chord Progressions

Take the next step using these important chord progressions to accompany and improvise over jazz standards.

Pop Progressions

Discover 4 of the most important chord progressions in Pop music and use the samples try out melodies and scales with authentic styles and accompaniment.

Jazz Turnarounds

These chord sequences make up an important element of most jazz standards. Take a spin with CHORDMILL.


Discover the most important kinds of blues with our incomparable samples. Whether slow blues, jazz blues, New Orleans blues or minor blues – CHORDMILL will get your blues on fire!


Here you can work with complete songs. Download the CHORDMILL songbook. Mute individual instruments and optimize our compositions for your own use.